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Walle25A charger

Walle25A charger

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Walle25A is a domestic, high-quality and innovative charging device intended for fully electric cars, with which you can easily get more power out of your home's 3-phase socket.

1-phase charging at home is often difficult, because due to the general size of the main fuse in households (3x25A), the power usually remains at 3.6 kilowatts. Walle25A uses a 3-phase socket found in households. Using transformer technology, Walle's charging station converts 2 x 16 Amps received from the socket into a 1-phase 25 Amp current. This way, your car's charging speeds up and your home's fuses are not overloaded.

The Walle25A charging device has a high-quality metal case, which is why you can use the device without worry both indoors and outdoors. Domestic Walle products are designed to withstand Finnish conditions.

The Walle25A has a Type2 socket, so you can use it with the vehicle's own cable suitable for public charging points as well. In addition, the charging device has a 16 Ampere suko socket, which you can use, for example, to heat or charge another vehicle.

  • Type2 socket
  • 16 amp socket outlet
  • A current regulator that can be used to halve the charging power
  • Type B fault current protection
  • Also available as an accessory charging cable holder
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