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Walle16A Charging station pole model

Walle16A Charging station pole model

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Hivo Flow asennuspalvelu (malleihin, jotka eivät sisällä syöttökaapelia)

The Walle16A charging station is a reliable, efficient and affordable electric car charging station for electric car drivers looking for simplicity and peace of mind.

Walle16A installed on a pole is a domestic Key Flag product designed for Finnish conditions. Thanks to the high-quality and durable metal case, you can install the device inside or outside without worry - Walle does its thing anywhere.

The power of the charging station is 11 kW with a three-phase connection and 3.6 kW with a single-phase connection.

Includes a fixed Type2 charging cable (5m or 8m), a charging cable holder, DC 6mA protection and a current regulator with which you can halve the charging power of the device (8/16A).

  • Output power in single-phase maximum 3.6 kW, in three-phase 11 kW
  • 5 m or 8 m Type2 charging cable
  • Fixed charging cable holder and pole adapter (60mm)
  • 8/16A current regulator
  • DC sensor DC 6mA
  • Metal IP54 housing
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