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Fragus GoSafe Electric 24 months

Fragus GoSafe Electric 24 months

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GOSafe Electric is one of the first products available for used electric vehicles. Does Electrical Engineering cause uncertainty? Don't worry, GOSafe Electric brings help and security in situations where luck is not on your side.

PRODUCT: GOSafe Electric
TARGET GROUP: Almost all electric cars
MAXIMUM DURATION: Until the vehicle is 20 years old or a total of 250,000 km has been driven (whichever comes first).
MATURITY : 24 months
REQUIREMENTS FOR VALIDITY: All maintenance must be carried out according to factory requirements and maintenance intervals must not exceed more than 10%. Before the contract is activated, the vehicle must meet Fragus' quality requirements.
EFFECTIVENESS : After paying the additional insurance, Becom Group Oy confirms your and your vehicle's information in writing by e-mail. As an acknowledgment, you will receive a contract confirmation, with which the additional coverage comes into effect. If there is an obstacle to the entry into force of the additional coverage, the order will be canceled and the payment made will be returned in its entirety. Please check your spam folder for the email. If you haven't heard from us within a day of paying, contact myynti(at)

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